PATHS Uniform Dress Code

2015-2016 and 2016-2017
9th and 10th Graders

PATHS is a technical high school that prepares its students for a career. All students must dress and groom themselves in a manner that conforms to standards set by business and industry. Certain programs require students to wear uniforms and/or safety apparel while in the program classroom. The instructor will provide specific information. The school uniform includes:

-- ID badge must be current, visible and facing out, clipped to the collar, not worn on the belt.
-- Upper body wear for PATHS students can only be school logo shirts.
-- School logo collared polo shirts/dress shirts in black, red, white or gold.
-- Shirts and blouses shall be tucked into the waistband of the pants, shorts, or skirt at all   times.
-- Cleavage and bare midriffs may not be visible or exposed.
-- Solid colored long sleeve undershirts may be worn underneath school shirts. Shirts must be black, white, gold or red ONLY.
-- Outer body wear over logo shirts can be coats/jackets, or sweaters as long as they have a full zipper or buttons. No pullovers
-- No shirts, thick or thin, can be worn as an outer cover.
-- No long overcoats or headgear (i.e. hats and caps).
-- No hoods should be covering the head at any time.
-- Pants and skirts must be dress style or chino material (i.e. Dockers, Dickies)
-- Pants and pant legs width shall be appropriate to the student’s body size.
--  Pants should not be tight fitting (an inch to pinch at the hips/thighs) or oversized.
--  Pants, and skirts shall be worn so the waistband is at the waist, not below.
--  Pants with belt loops must be worn with a belt and belt must be visible.
-- Skirts may be worn but no shorts or Capri pants
--  Athletic style (yoga) pants are not acceptable
--  Pants or skirts shall be of a solid color (navy, khaki or black).
--  Skirts shall be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
-- No denim fabric, jeans, cargo pants, riveted pants, patch pockets, stretch fabric, sweatpants, frayed hems or  cut offs.
--  Shorts, Capris, Leggings are not Acceptable at any time.
--  Shoes may be sneakers, boots, dress shoes, or sandals. Shoes may not be platform. Shoes must be laced and tied to meet safety standards. All sandals must have a back or back strap. No flip flops permitted.
--  Make-up and nail polish that is within the acceptable standards of the professional work environment will be allowed.
--  Hair must be in natural colors, and cut or worn in a manner that is not distracting. Mohawks do not conform to standards set by business and industry.
--  Jewelry must be refined, tasteful and not interfere with the program of choice. No fad or distracting jewelry.
--  No visible body piercing with the exception of no more than three piercings in each ear.
--  No clothing associated with gangs, discrimination, or that encourages the use of alcohol, drugs, smoking, sex, or violence.

All waivers to the dress code must be submitted in writing with the proper documentation during the application process. Once accepted, waivers will not be considered.

Juniors and Seniors will follow the dress code of their TECH program.

Students are expected to be in dress code when they step on campus and until they leave campus. Those who will not adhere to the school’s uniform code expectations should reconsider enrollment. Any student inappropriately dressed may be removed from campus until the violation is corrected. A student repeatedly in violation of this uniform code may be withdrawn.
The Principal’s determination as to whether or not clothing is appropriate shall be determinative and final.

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