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Fact or Fiction

Everyone has an opinion about the proposed increases to Osceola School District employees’ salaries and insurance benefits – as they should. Those opinions should be based on facts rather than misinformation or rumors. This portion of the Osceola School District website is to increase communication and ensure that accurate information is provided on the issue.

If you are hearing conversation about the topic and would like to determine whether the information is accurate, please use the form below to submit a question. Your question will be posted along with a response providing an explanation or clarity to the question.


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Topic: Increases to Osceola School District employees’ salaries and insurance benefits:

FICTION: The district is not listening to concerns about health insurance.

FACT: The School Board has heard the concerns about health insurance increases loud and clear.  The district bargaining teams have gone back to the table with OCEA twice since the April 3 Board meeting. (Wednesday, April 4, for support staff bargaining and Thursday, April 5, for teacher bargaining.  As of Friday, April 6, at 9:00 a.m., OCEA has not provided a formal written counter-proposal for both salaries and proposed design changes to our Health Insurance Plan.

FICTION: The insurance proposal came from the School Board.

FACT: The district’s insurance committee serves as a sub-committee of the Bargaining Leadership Team and consists of members of both management and each of the unions.  The committee has met monthly throughout the year to collaboratively discuss the need for significant changes to the health plans and approved the proposed changes to move forward to the bargaining team on December 13, 2017.  The proposed changes were first presented to the full bargaining teams in January 2018.

FICTION: Osceola County School Board Members receive annual salaries of $115,000 each.

FACT:  The salaries of all School Board Members in every Florida county are fixed by state law, not arbitrary whim.  Osceola County School Board Members receive an annual salary of $39,309, and is $791 less than our current teacher starting salary of $40,100.

  • “Article II, Section 5(c) of the Florida Constitution, as revised in 1968, provides that the powers, duties, compensation, and method of payment of state and county officers [including School Board members] are fixed by law. [e.g., p. 15 of Salaries of Elected County Constitutional Officers and School District Officials for Fiscal Year 2017-18 (September 2017); Office of Economic and Demographic Research; ]

  • FICTION:  Osceola County is top heavy in the number of administrators that it has.

FACT:  Osceola County has historically maintained a very lean fiscally responsible organizational structure despite outstanding student enrollment growth.  Osceola County is the thirteenth largest school district in the state in student enrollment.  The Osceola School District has the lowest administrative cost per student in the state of Florida.  Osceola County ranks fifteenth out of all 67 Florida school districts in our total number of administrators.  Osceola County’s ratio of teachers to administrator is 17:1, ranking fourteenth statewide, while our ratio of students to teacher is 15:1, which ranks thirteenth statewide. These ranks are consistent and demonstrate Osceola County staffing levels are aligned appropriately.

FACT: Osceola is receiving $5,361,552 in a Funding Compression Allocation for fiscal year 2018-2019, which equates to $77 per student and is already included in the per student funding amount presented. In fact, 20% of the $5.3 million goes to charter schools.

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