Digital Learning FAQs

What are the expectations of public charter schools? Each charter school has its own instructional continuity plan, or ICP. Please contact your charter school directly for information on how they plan to handle digital learning during school closures.

Are all teachers required to give 3 hours of live Instruction and not only assign worksheets and packets? There will be a variety of ways each teacher chooses to provide instruction to students during digital learning. A majority of our teachers will be using Teams, while some will use Edgenuity or Canvas. Teachers are asked to set office hours, which will be time dedicated each day to be available to answer questions and help students and families with the work that is being assigned. There will be some live sessions, some recorded sessions, and some sessions where teachers engage with students via electronic messaging in TEAMS.

Are students expected to be logged in at a certain time? No, students are not required to be logged in at a specific time each day. We are asking that each student complete at least one assignment per core subject area each day.  

How are the kids going to be evaluated and graded? Students will continue to earn grades based on their progress in their classes. Student grades for assignments completed through digital learning and/or packets will be entered into Focus and averaged to assign the fourth quarter grade. Grades and credits will continue to count toward promotion and/or graduation.

I can see this is going to be a bit challenging, especially for Spanish speaking parents. Can you be more clear about this? Instructions provided in Spanish maybe? We provide information in Spanish on what we are doing for digital learning here. 

As a parent and a teacher, do you have plans to extend Virtual learning past April 15? At this time, there is no update on whether or not schools will be closed past April 15. 

What is happening with ESOL? We have so much happening with ESOL! ELL scaffolds have been created specific to the lessons for each of the content areas provided to the teachers. Complete lessons and scaffolds have been provided to Dual Language, English Language Development, and World Languages teachers. ePLCs are taking place with teachers to ensure ELL strategies are comprehensible. Content glossaries are provided in multiple languages to make instruction more comprehensible. Tech tools such as Immersive Reader and Translate.It have been introduced as communication tools for students and parents.

How are you to handle graduations this year? At this time, graduations have not been canceled. We have been discussing alternative options for celebrating our seniors if the need to cancel graduations does arise. 

Given the expected shortage of devices to distribute to families in need, is there a clear path for parents to donate resources? ie. We have a functional laptop that could be of use, can I donate it to the district? At this time, we are currently working on a procedure for technology donations. As soon as we have more information, we will update our digital learning page. 

How will the County's "stay at home" order impact paper packet pick up with families? Will there be any restrictions to that process? Section C, page 5, of the “stay at home” order indicates that school district operations will not be impacted. Parents may still come to school to pick up paper packets; please contact your school to ensure the packet your students needs is ready before driving to the school.

As a 12-month employee, are you going to eventually move us to work at home? At this time, there is no change in work status for 12-month employees. If you have reported to work as normal since March 23 when we came back from spring break, you will continue to do so now, s critical district and school operations must continue to support digital learning and other district business.  Working employees are reminded to follow all guidelines of healthy habits, maintain social distancing in their workspace and throughout the workday, and stay home if you are exhibiting symptoms of the virus or have come in direct contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus.  Anyone required to self-quarantine due to travel over Spring Break must complete the full self-quarantine period, using sick leave, unless you are an instructional staff member and you are providing and/or supporting digital learning. Contact your administrator for further information.

Does the district have a GoFundMe account? If not, could that be an option for donating for supplies and resources? We do not have a GoFundMe account. 

What about the safety of your 12-month employees and being able to work? How were you all able to do the board meeting? We continue to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines for practicing healthy habits, such as maintaining groups of ten or less, staying at least 6-feet away from another person, washing hands, etc. There were ten people in the virtual board meeting, placed at least 6-feet apart. The other board members attended virtually, and the meeting was closed to the public, which is why we broadcasted it virtually.

Will bus transportation be utilized to drop food off to the most vulnerable in our communities? On Monday, March 30, Lynx will begin offering complimentary transportation to parents and students who ride on their current routes to get to the nearest stop to the feeding sites. Parents must be accompanied by their child to receive the free fare. Parents should inform the driver that they are going to the school for breakfast and/or lunch, and they will not be charged bus fare.

How do you expect employees to stay compliant to Federal ESE laws during this time? It is important to emphasize that federal disability law allows for flexibility in determining how to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities. The Federal Office of Special Education understands that during this national emergency, schools may not be able to provide all services in the same manner they are typically provided. 

ESE District Compliance Staff will continue to work with school administrators and ESE staff to ensure that they are implementing the Instructional Continuity Plan  for students with disabilities. ESE teachers and related service providers will collaborate with parents to consider  how the individual needs and IEP supports for each student can be met virtually.  

What is the plan to deliver services and other accommodations, like “distraction-free environment” or “on-task monitoring” to students with 504s or IEPs? Our expectation would be that the general education and ESE teachers and related service providers are communicating with the parents and the students to provide suggestions for how accommodations can be implemented  in the home, to the extent feasible.   

What will happen to students who attend New Beginnings and want to return to their high school in the fall of this year if students can’t go back to campus? Students currently assigned to New Beginnings who successfully complete the school year through our digital learning plan, including regular participation and daily completion of assignments and learning tasks, will be eligible for consideration to return to their previous school in the fall of 2020, pending review of the student’s compliance with the 4 A’s (Attendance, Achievement, Attitude, and Accountability).

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