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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: How do I find my child’s bus information?
A: Information for most students can be found at If your child is in the program for students with Special Needs, you should be contacted by the bus driver with the bus information. You may also call Transportation's Parent Hotline at 407-483-3673 or feel free to contact Martha Melendez at 407-518-4562 to verify the request has been received.

Q: How long does it take to coordinate Transportation for students with Special Needs?
A: After the parent meets with school personnel, the bus request is sent to the Transportation Department. It then takes three to five (3-5) days for the Transportation to begin.

Q: What if my child's bus is too crowded?
A: During the first two weeks of school, we can experience some unexpected bus crowding. Our buses are designed to fit three (3) children in each seat, and bus drivers will first make sure that all seats are being properly utilized. When the bus reaches its capacity, the bus drivers will call the Dispatch Office for assistance. At no time do we encourage students to sit on the floors of the bus or anywhere else other than a seat.

Q: What do I do if my child's bus is late?
A:  When our drivers see that they will be arriving late to a pick-up or a drop-off of students, they will notify Dispatch. Transportation will send an automated call (Here Comes the Bus) to notify you if your child's bus is running late and provide an estimated time of delay. Please ensure that your daytime contact information is correct. Your school's registrar can help you update your child's contact in the student management system.
If you can not answer your phone, a voice mail message will be left for you. Please check your messages before contacting Transportation.
Parents and Guardians can call our call center hotline at 407-483-3673 for bus status at any time.

Q: How do I get busing for my student(s)?
A: The State of Florida has determined that two (2) miles is a reasonable distance for students to provide their own transportation to school. Students living more than two (2) miles from their zone school or special program school are provided transportation by the district. Students who apply to attend a Choice school must provide their own transportation. Certain elementary school students may also be provided transportation if hazardous walking conditions exist as defined in Florida Statutes 1006.23.

Q: What if my child's bus stop is too far from my home?
A: Florida Law states that a mile and a half (1½) is a reasonable distance for a student to walk to a bus stop. In some cases, such as large gated communities, students must meet the bus at the entrance of the community, which may be further than that.

Q: Whom do I contact with Transportation concerns?
A: The Area Managers are responsible for most day-to-day operations. Please check the regional links in the left column (Central Zone, East Zone, or West Zone) to find your school or area and then contact the appropriate Area Manager. For safety concerns, please contact our Supervisor of Safety, Beverly Hughes, at 407-870-1347.
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