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• While there is no universal definition of giftedness, it is generally accepted that gifted students:

– Demonstrate outstanding levels of aptitude in areas of interest (potentially one or more domain)

– Possess high levels of creativity and curiosity

– Have potential for high levels of achievement

– A branch of ESE that requires a bit more attention than your normal student

• It is also important to note what gifted is not – gifted students are not guaranteed to be successful, chatty, well-behaved, put-together, organized, superior, or any other adjective you may have thought


• Gifted students will often ask “why?” to every thing

• Gifted students will be heavily committed to a task they are interested in (this may not be your class subject…)

• Gifted students may be very emotionally mature, expressing concepts such as nihilism or existential dread

• Gifted students will be identified in the FOCUS by the gifted star:

Why does gifted matter?

• Gifted students are often our highest risk students in high school with a high chance of dropping out

– ~18%-25% of gifted students drop out of high school

– Average dropout rate is 7.4%

• Gifted students often have “asynchronous affective development”

– Students may be ill-equipped for the rigors of an advanced class

– A disinterested gifted student can create a huge behavioral issue in the classroom

How can you help gifted students?

• Engage their natural curiosity

• Encourage them to ask probing questions and to truly understand the “why” of something

• Exploit their interests

– Gifted students usually have intense focus on topics they are interested in. Find ways to bring these into your lessons for them

• Homogenous grouping

– Studies have shown that gifted students get little benefit from high-low pairings where they should “teach the other student”

• Reward students for completing complex tasks quickly and encourage their skill

• Don’t “other” or call unneeded attention to the gifted students

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